How to Install a Gas Hookup for the Stove

If you’re interested to install a gas stove, it is important that you know how you can do it adequately. If you don’t, you might end up with elegance gas trickle.

How to Hook Up a Range

First, turn off the gas supply in the kitchen (Photo 2). This can be done with the lever over the gas dick or by turning off the gas valve behind the stove.

Nowadays, connect the finale of your stove’s gas connection to a gas connection with pipe tape (you may use a rubberized ring coming from a ancient gas hose or you can find one). Apply a couple of layers of tape, turn the twine clockwise and then tighten it safely.

Methods to Connect the Tubes

The next step is to use adaptable corrugated lines (usually black). Make sure you get yourself a proper size for your appliance’s gas set.

Unless you aren’t a professional set up engineer, it’s a good idea to have a plumbing engineer inspect the lines prior to starting. They can also help you decide whether the appliances desire a vent.

The right way to Tighten the Connections

Once you’ve connected the pontoons, use connection nuts to tighten those to the end fixtures to each side of the corrugated pipe. Do not work with Teflon cassette on the threads on they; it will interfere with the seal and may result in a outflow.

Once you have finished, look at your work for leaks through a gas trickle detector (available at your home centers). You must see bubbles surrounding each joint. If you notice a flow, spray the bones with soapy water to remove the air.

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